Responsive City

Only in Europe, we are counting 12 000 petrol stations. They are the only spatial connection of the present private transportation system and the network is finer than the public train system.
This fact presents a great opportunity to transform the petrol station network into a new public transportation system. I propose to combine new ecofriendly technologies as drones for the delivery of goods and hyperloops for longer distances of passengers and goods as well.

Furthermore, the citizens could use the qualities of each station at different locations. They are situated all around the world in residential Areas, industrial or agricultural enviromnents. On the one hand, the transportation network would encourage exchange of goods. On the other, the citizens could use the stock of disused petrol stations as an enrichment for their own neighborhood.


  • Hannah Hemsing


  • Advanced Urban Architecture
  • WS 2017/18


  • für Städtebau und Entwurfsmethodik
  • Prof. Uwe Brederlau